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Is your warehouse ready for the future?

Markets change at lightning speed and logistics play a prominent role in contemporary business models. Do you want to prepare your warehouse for tomorrow’s challenges? Do you want a distribution center that effortlessly serves new sales channels, offers ample space for future growth with the agility to respond to changes in the market? In short, a warehouse that provides a lasting competitive advantage? Consulting firm Jeroen van den Berg Consulting is the warehouse management expert in the Benelux. Our proven approach and tools bring your warehouse to best-in-class level.

Our fields of expertise:

  • Selection of warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • Design/redesign of layouts and processes in distribution centers
  • Big data analytics and KPI dashboards for warehouses


How do we help out customers?
Jeroen van den Berg Consulting works for manufacturers, wholesalers, logistics service providers, retailers en e-commerce players in the Benelux.



Our online maturity scans compute maturity scores for logistics operations. Fill out the survey and see how mature your operation is, its savings potential and which concrete steps you can take for further optimisation. Your answers are treated strictly confidential.


Get your Supply Chain in Shape for 2020

The report Get your Supply Chain in Shape for 2020 demonstrates an approach for modernizing contemporary supply chains. The secret: A clear plan, an agile organization and scalable IT, in other words think big, start small, scale fast!

Standard or custom-made software?

WMS-packages have strongly evolved in recent years. Still companies decide to build custom-made WMS’s. What is better: make or buy? The report Why companies struggle with business software makes a comparison between IKEA and Amazon and reveals that the truth in this matter, however, is not in the middle…

B2B e-Commerce

The report Is B2B e-Commerce the End of Wholesale? shares a view of the developments that await us in the B2B market. Subsequently, the report highlights how wholesalers can transform themselves and get ready for the digital age.

Highly Competitive Warehouse Mgt

Why do some distribution centers have excellent performance while others struggle? ‘Highly Competitive Warehouse Management‘ unravels the secrets of those best-in-class operations and provides a systematic yet flexible action plan for improvement.




Boundaries between stores and warehouses disappear

  • 14 January 2014
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Jones Lang LaSalle explains in clear words how multi-channel retailers are changing to omni-channel. “Omni-channel offers a fully integrated and seamless customer experience where inventory is considered as a single stock wherever it is located”. U.S. retailer Macy’s has transformed existing retail space into storage space to fulfil customer orders. With omni-channel, boundaries between shops […]

Boek in het Russisch Vertaald

  • 15 December 2013
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Het boek Highly Competitive Warehouse Management van Jeroen van den Berg is in het Russisch verschenen. Hij vertelde over zijn boek op een congres in Moskou waar het boek gelanceerd werd. De video geeft een impressie van de boeklancering.  


Who we are?

Jeroen van den Berg Consulting B.V. was started in 2001 by warehousing expert Jeroen van den Berg. The firm helps enterprises in the Benelux to get ready for the challenges of contemporary logistics and supply chain management.

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